10 x 3Ft Master Ring Hanging Structure


Make an impression with a 10 x 3Ft Formulate® Master Ring Hanging Structure. Manufactured and printed in the USA, construction is superior and built to last and reuse.
Zipper pillowcase stretch fabric graphics are coupled with lightweight aluminum tube structures to deliver impactful messaging from above. Graphics are durable and dry-cleanable.

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– Constructed with 30mm (11/8”) tubes and push-button
connectors for simple assembly
– Engineer certified (structural engineer certificate available upon request)
– Zippered pillowcase fabric graphics; all come standard with opaque liner
– Bottom zip-in graphic panels offered on 8’, 10’, 12’, and 14’ width options only
– Comes with hanging hardware, bags and heavy-duty shipping and storage box(es)
– Collapses to a fraction of its size
– Easy to store and ship
– Quick to set up
– OCE Expandable shipping case available as an optional accessory; this size would require 1 case


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